Summer season,get moving——what you saw and heard this weekend
2021-06-24 上午 11:30   来源:translated by fang bochen   

Students, summer vacation has arrived! Get moving, enjoy your vacation, and let your mind and body fly!

Summer vacation season, campus people less, get up early in the morning with a walk, see after the holiday friends, students are doing what...

Swimming, or need to go to the pool, although like cooking dumplings like people mountain people sea, but still want to remember the teacher's earnest warning. For example, the teacher said in the first paragraph of holiday safety education:


Swimming Drowning: Not to swim in unattended water without safety facilities and rescue personnel. (estimate is not a Chinese teacher to write, some grammar problems, but this is very important! It has nothing to do with high school entrance examination or college entrance examination. (Do not swim unattended, do not swim in the water without safety facilities and rescue personnel.)


In the holiday, all kinds of sports training classes and summer camps are very popular. In addition to the football class, which requires children to pick up the ball, children also start to learn basketball by asking their children to dribble the ball. Parents stand under the shade of the trees and feel very pleased to see their babies in action. Mind you, this is not a "basketball baby" moving between pro basketball games.


The picture shows the basketball coach of the children this morning, the parents of the children should not be "absent-minded" because of the coach's strong body.



The picture is the basketball training lost, penalty to do push-ups brothers.

In addition to basketball, cycling should also start from the children, maybe in the future "Tour de France" riding in front of the group of young friends.



The picture shows the little knights who study hard and practice hard.

Take the children to participate in the competition, the children move, the event is also lively. Of course, there are many people who participate in badminton.



The picture shows the one-on-one competition between father and son using chicken feather ball and wooden ball racket. Although we can't afford to buy that suit of clothes or rent the field, we enjoy it!

Watching a badminton match, turning around is the place that seems familiar. You walk in, it's still free, and it's air-conditioned. A private venue, beautiful girls and handsome men to see, but also to watch "sports movies" (perhaps in the future can also be a post road study tour, post road research and use of post road travel).


The picture shows a group of small trees growing in the desert. Over the past ten years, they have borne fruitful fruits. It is not easy to walk out of the desert safely. Maybe he is taking his grandson during the holiday.


The picture is a single person to see a movie place for special use, I heard that the zhang guide that shoots and Cong Ge are quite famous, of course not the name that "name", here free, come in with an ID card on the line.


The picture shows the quotation of the ancient teacher, teacher liang diyu, teacher wang fang, you should understand the deep meaning of the ancient professor, "the combination of art and sports is a very good idea".

These days, there will be a group of teenagers in Zhaoqing to participate in the provincial games. The guangzhou football team also took the gold medal yesterday, xie guide went to Zhaoqing again today, maybe there is a gold medal!

A strong, a fu holiday is with the children "real move", real!!



The picture shows Ah Fu who was exercising yesterday. I can recognize his back. Speak of achievement, remember to say first "the leadership that xie guides is good,..." .

The holiday is coming, we also don't forget the sanitation uncle, aunt is practicing "no white pollution journey"; Don't forget your grandparents, they want to move, too.



The picture shows the sanitation uncle and aunt who finished work at 9 am.



The picture is an old man flying a kite.



 The picture shows an elder making a kite for a test flight.


The picture shows a woman in her neighborhood watching people practice Taijiquan


The picture shows a stall where people waiting for sports buy drinks.


The picture shows the Asian art collection in Guangzhou Asian Games and Asian Para Games Museum, waiting for the arrival of students.

Have a good holiday! Move and jump! The hopeful ancient post road of southern Guangdong awaits your arrival.


The end.


The picture shows the sculpture "Jumping Childhood" in the Tianhe street.


The picture shows the lawn of the former Asian Games Building, now the Civic Sports Center.


The picture is a screenshot of the promotional video for the Asian Games.


Further reading:

Respect nature and LNT

In the United States, the leaflet of "Leave No Trace" (LNT for short) appeared in national parks in 1984. Since the United States officially established a non-profit organization based on public education in 1994, more than 20 countries have established similar non-profit organizations in the world today. It has been 34 years since this movement to protect the ecological environment. Despite the success of the campaign, there have been critics. For example, some scholars pointed out that the campaign was limited to protecting the scenic value of outdoor sports areas, while ignoring the enterprises that caused pollution packaging. They also pointed out that the slogan was used by enterprises to sell their own products. In any case, the campaign has a profound social impact on public environmental protection education, improving environmental awareness of participants, and reducing the impact on the natural environment.

The LNT movement of different countries has different detailed suggestions on the seven principles. LNT of Canada puts forward the following suggestions on how to plan the journey in advance: 1. 2. Understand the skills of participants; 3. Choose a destination that fits your goals and abilities; 4, access to maps, land managers and other written materials; 5, choose safe and comfortable equipment, choose equipment conducive to environmental protection; 6, get the plan to adapt to my goals and skills; 7. Record the expectation of the plan first and evaluate it when returning; 8, food preparation to minimize possible waste, remove the commercial packaging of food, and food packaging bags are only ready to collect food waste bags; Reduce the reliance of food on open fires. In addition, you should be aware of the weather, terrain, restrictive rules, and standards required by LNT.

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