Second Day Competition Moved to CCTV Movie and TV Town in Nanhai District Foshan Stay Tuned for the “Hello 5G” Orienteering World Cup Final 2019 & Guangdong Historical Road Orienteering Championship ‘Surfing 4K IPTV’ Cup (Nanhai District Foshan)
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On October 27, the competitions of the second day of “Hello 5G” Orienteering World Cup Final 2019 & Guangdong Historical Road Orienteering Championship ‘Surfing 4K IPTV’ Cup (Nanhai District Foshan) were moved to a new venue, the CCTV Movie and TV Town in Nanhai District Foshan. Runners put on a fierce competition among the architectures of Various characteristics in the venue.





Many elites athletes participated in the event and experience the uniqueness of China with their steps.

As the venue for the sprint relay, the CCTV Movie and TV Town in Nanhai was located in the attraction of Nanguo Peach Garden. It consists of four parts, namely the Tianchao Palace, the watery scenic town, the stimulated blocks in Hong Kong and Macao China, and the leisure area. It is a national-level 4A tourist attraction and the movie and TV shooting base affiliated to CCTV. Compared with Xiqiao Mountain, the venue for the first day’s competitions, it has less complex terrain, which is a good news for the runners.  

Sprint relay is team work which requires great individual strength as well as tacit understanding among team mates. Each team is constituted of four members. Engaging in close combat, the athletes have to give it all out to be the first to cross the finish line. The relay is renowned as the most exciting competition as it involves various uncertainties and its results are often unpredictable. Both the runners and the audience are tend to get exceptionally enthusiastic and stimulated for the games.









The competitions for today was fierce as the final results of the top three teams are all within a gap of less than one minute. The Swiss team with Aebersold Simona, Kyburz Matthias, Hadorn Joey and Roos Elena won the game with a time of 55:14. The Sweden team featuring Olsson Alva, Beamer MaxPeter, Regborn Martin and Hagstrom Sara was only 37 seconds down and came to the second. The third place went to the Norway team with HaestadBjornstad Vitoria, HallanSteiwer Gaute, Fosser Kasper and Benjaminsen Andrine and their time was 55:59.

The home team China with Zheng Jiayi, Liang Xiaoming, Tang Jianda and Hao Shuangyan did well in the race and ranked 12 with the time of 57:06.

More to be expected: the Guangdong Historical Road Orienteering Championship kicked off

After the competitions of the World Cup Final, the Open Class race was held. It was learnt that 840 athletes took part in the race. They are from 33 organizations and institutions, including Tsinghua University, Beijing Orienteering Association, Central University for Nationalities, China University of Geosciences, Sichuan Normal University, Tongji University, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Zhumei Culture Communication Co., Ltd., and Orienteering Association of Hong Kong.






As to the Men’s Elite Group, Chang Chunmin from Wansheng Economic Development Zone in Chongqing won the race with the time 14:07. Huang Zhihao from Tsinghua University came second with a time of only 2-second down. Luo Yu from Hong Kong Vision Dynamic Youth Association run for 14:21 and won the third place. In the Women’s race, Li Li from Guizhou Medical University won her second champion after the middle distance yesterday. Her final result was 18:19. The second went to Liu Anna from Chenzhou No.1 Middle School with a time of 18:58. Wei Suiyi from the O-STAR team ranked third with a time of 19:29.

Generous support for the Guangdong Historical Road Orienteering Championship

After the successful cooperation in both 2017 and 2018, Guangdong Telecom joined hands again with the Guangdong Historical Road Orienteering Championship as a title sponsor and named the event “Surfing 4K IPTV” Cup. It also gave the title of “Hello 5G” to the Orienteering World Cup Final. Besides its generous support to the event, it also devotes efforts to the undertakings of poverty alleviation, providing full access to people in all poverty-stricken area and involving their contribution to establishing the moderately prosperous society and achieving the Chinese Dream. In addition, Guangdong Sports Lottery Center is another great supporter of the event.



Hosting the Orienteering World Cup Final 2019 served as a strong evidence that the Guangdong Historical Road Orienteering Championship has been widely accepted and praised. The event attained a tremendous success in promoting fitness and sport and in enhancing the communications and exchanges between China and the outside world. Hopefully more are expected to be achieved in the future.


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