Newly listed “National Treasure” to attract athletes and tourists home and abroad,Off-day activities of the Orienteering World Cup to promote cultural exchanges
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Besides the fierce races and games, a series of cultural event were delicately prepared by the organizers of the “Hello 5G” Orienteering World Cup Final 2019 & Guangdong Historical Road Orienteering Championship ‘Surfing 4K IPTV’ Cup (Nanhai District Foshan). It has provides the athletes from home abroad with a brilliant opportunity to experience the profound culture of Lingnan and China, and thus enhance the exchanges and communications between China and the outside world.


Promoting culture: the historical quarry in Shiyan Cave

On October 27, athletes were back to the hotel after the sprint relay. They were attracted by an exhibition once stepping into the main hall. These were actually posters and illustrations of the historical quarry in Shiyan Cave on Xiqiao Mountain.



It is located at the southeast of the Shinto Peak of the mountain. It was originated back in the Song dynasty (about 740 years ago) and had been in use until Qing dynasty. The cave it was situated was name after its production of Shiyan, a kind of stone or fossil that were applied as traditional medicine. Covering an area of about 60,000 square meters, the quarry is now constituted of different attractions, such as the skylight pane, the stone screen, and the stone ancestral hall.




The historical quarry was included on the eighth list of National Key Cultural Relics Protection Unites. There are only quite a few well-kept historical quarry around the country. It was learnt that its sudden shutoff was related to a historical event. Many athletes were interested and amazed in the history of the quarry and the city.






Taking a perfect Instagram snap: the uniqueness and fascination of Lingnan culture

It was the off-day on October 28. But many athletes were full of vigor and they did not need an off. They kept on with their exploration of the city by taking part in the half-day tour called up by the organizers. The attractions the paid a visit to include the Huang Feihong Memorial Hall and the historical quarry.


According to the foreign athletes, the most surprising and stunning attraction should be the quarry, a newly listed “national treasure”.


The middle distance was held on the mountain on October 26. The athletes might have missed the beauty of the mountain because they were highly focusing on the race. Thus they got even more surprised by such a historical attraction right within the terrain of the competitions.


During the visit, the athletes were attracted by the lamp stands in the wall and the lamps and ceramic utensils scattered on the floor. Listening attentively to the tourist guide, they got to know more about the culture and history of the city and of China.




A Belgian athlete named Lievin said he was deeply amazed by the grace and refinement of the quarry and emphasized it was his favorite attraction of the day. He also mentioned that he was marveled by that fact that the people could managed such an advanced technology back to more than 700 years ago.


Malaya Taneichi is from Japan and he said he had never been to a historical site as marvelous as this one before. He was interested in the cultural visit which he felt is another kind of experience of attending the completions.


Through taking snaps or touching the stones, the athletes got to know the local culture.

And with their steps, the athletes experience the Chinese culture.





(Photo by Xiong Canjian, Jiang Jiamin, Yang Shuyu)

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